A Perfect Summer Celebration: Jade and CJ's Magical Wedding at Fasque House

Jade and CJ got married at Fasque Castle which is an exquisite mansion with its timeless charm and historic elegance, this provided the perfect backdrop for Jade and CJ's special day. The exclusive use of the venue ensured an intimate atmosphere, allowing the couple to share their love with close friends and family in a truly unique setting.

Getting married in July 2023 blessed the couple with a glorious summer day. (Which in Scotland is amazing as you just never know). There were clear skies and gentle breezes that complemented the romantic ambiance of their celebration. Guests relaxed outside with frozen cocktails while listening to the wonderful sax entertainment that has been put on by the couple. The real summer Ibiza outdoor vibe was set for everyone to enjoy.

The ceremony, held in the castle's AMAZING entryway with the show stopping staircase decorated perfectly with the most wonderful flowers, was a heartfelt exchange of vows and promises. Surrounded by friends and family Jade and CJ declared their love for each other, creating a moment of pure joy and emotion. The intimacy of the venue allowed every guest to witness the love between the couple up close, followed by a beautiful song on the piano from one of the wonder bridesmaids which just made the while thing even more wonderful. 

The celebration continued seamlessly into the evening starting with speeches which made everyone laugh and there were also a few tears, followed by some karaoke just before pudding which really just shows this couples wonderful fun and passion filled love. Soon came the evening reception that exuded fun. The castle's grand entry hall provided the perfect space for a busy dance floor with people spilling outside enjoying the warm summer evening. This created the perfect atmosphere infusing the evening with laughter and amazing entertainment.

What made Jade and CJ's wedding truly exceptional was the relaxed and joyous atmosphere that permeated the entire day. The love between the couple was mirrored in the smiles of their guests, creating an unforgettable sense of unity and happiness.

Jade and CJ's wedding at Fasque Castle in Aberdeenshire was a dreamy affair filled with love, laughter, and moments that will be cherished forever. The exclusive use of this stunning venue, combined with the perfect summer weather, created the ideal backdrop for a celebration that was both elegant and laid-back. As the sun set on that beautiful July day, it marked the beginning of a lifetime of happiness for Jade and CJ, surrounded by the memories of their magical wedding at Fasque Castle with all their friends and family together.