I am a photographer who enjoys creating you some super cool highlight videos!

We live in the TikTok, Youtube world where we are so used to just spending few minutes watching videos. Let's take this concept and let me make you a highlight video you will want to show to everyone.

I love creating cinematic highlight films, this means that I will not include your speeches (you'll need a real videographer for that) I just want you to enjoy the beauty in the film I will make you , storytelling without words is my speciality!


What exactly does this mean?

I will make your wedding film alongside taking images on your day. This means I am constantly switching between them both all throughout your day and you might not even notice I am doing it. Because I do both the film and photography on the day it means that you don't need an extra person following you around all day.

Your video will be between 4 and 6 minutes in length, which is I think is the perfect length to relive all those most important moments but you can see for yourself below!

film of the month

Wedding Pricing & Packages

It doesn't matter what option you choose for your wedding. With each option will always have these items included.

A no obligation consultation call. 

Via Zoom, Teams or you are welcome into the studio.

Pre-wedding catch-ups. You can have as many of these as you like!  the  last one  is the most important as we'll finalise your timeline, catch up on any changes and go through what to expect on the day.

How much does it cost?

Film & Photo

- Full-Day Wedding Photography from your morning preparations through to the first 4 dances.

- 1-2 minuite teaser film

- 4 to 6 minute highlight film

- Online download gallery

- Folio Box with a USB filled with your high-resolution images, films and five 5x7" mounted images

- Pre Wedding Photoshoot


Just Film

- 1-2 minuite teaser film

- 4 to 6 minute highlight film

- Morning prep to first 4 dances


Need more information?

Then get in touch 🤍